Are you facing challenges in your relationship? do you feel the spark in your relationship is gone? Well, everything is not just a bed of roses in a relationship. Healthy Relationships require commitment, time, and effort to be healthy.
 Every relationship, no matter how strong faces ups and downs, what matters is how strong both you and your partner are. Just because you are facing problems in your relationship doesn’t mean you should give up on the relationship, fight for it, work on it. There are several effective ways to make your relationship work.
Good communication is one of the essential relationship builders. Actually, it is the most important part of every relationship.
 Learn to communicate with your partner, voice out your opinions to each other. Tell your partner how you feel all the time and also be a good listener. Listen with undivided attention whenever your partner discusses something with you.
 They both of you could set aside time where you both could talk to each other effectively with undivided attention.
 Be vocal about each other’s feelings, share your feelings and thoughts openly. Spent time sharing opinions, ideas e.t.c to one another, and be an active listener.
 Effective communication goes a long way in making a relationship work.
Most relationships fail because the couple involved kept secrets between one another. Keeping secrets from one another in a relationship is very unhealthy as it leads to distrust.
Be honest to one another, tell each other what is bothering you both. You should be 100% honest with your partner to make a fruitful union.
There might be several reasons why you might want to keep secrets from your partner which might lead you to lie to each other.
Therefore, in other to build on your relationship avoid keeping secrets from one another.
 Give each other space to reflect for a while, spent time from each other, get a hobby, work on life goals, built on yourself as an individual, achieve greater heights. Be distanced but connected, don’t be too clingy to one another.
  Yes, been together makes the relationship stronger but don’t overdo it. Sometimes give each other space, that way you’d develop on yourself as an individual and you are choosing to share your lives with each other because you both want to do that.
Giving each other space could help in building your relationship into a healthy and toxic-free one.
 Doing something new together could be a fun way to connect with each other. Go on a vacation or try a new restaurant. whatever it is do it, as long as you both have fun and connect with one another.
When working on your relationship endeavour to try other new things together.
 No relationship no matter how perfect, no matter the level of your understanding works without misunderstanding. Every relationship has its own misunderstanding, so you should be prepared for those misunderstandings.
Be prepared for them, Learn how to settle those misunderstandings with your partner. That way your relationship will be waxing strongly despite the odds.
Coping with misunderstanding is another way to make your relationship work. Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship.
Learn to forgive and accept each other’s mistakes, everyone makes mistakes what matters is your ability to forgive and accept those mistakes. If you truly love your partner it shouldn’t be difficult to forgive each other’s wrongdoings.
 If you want your relationship to last, then never hold grudges against your partner, if you have problems talk about them and settle them.
If you want your relationship to work, then you should learn not to keep grudges and be forgiving.
Compromise is important in a relationship, you obviously can’t have the same ideas and beliefs as each other. You both should learn to adapt to one another if you really care about each other.
 Your partner’s beliefs and ideas might seem awkward but once you can adapt to each other then your relationship will surely last.
 Adapting to each other will not be difficult if you truly love each other.
  Commitment is one important factor in every relationship, in every healthy relationship. Commitment has to do with working with one another through difficult moments, giving each other your full attention.
 Being committed to your relationship improves the mutual understanding between the both of you. Work on your relationship by been committed to it.
Spend quality time with your partner, do something fun. Time spent together with your loved one is never wasted instead it sparks up the lost affection in your relationship.
 Spending out time together with your partner will help you figure out the problems in your relationship and helps you get closer and fonder of each other. Spending time together could help you work on your relationship.
 Be appreciative, say thank you, show your appreciation to your partner all the time.
 The heart is fond of whosoever is kind to it, so been appreciative can also help in building your relationship.
 Whenever you are wrong, learn to apologise to your partner in the best way possible. Say “sorry” be affectionate and compassionate to your partner.
 Apologize whenever you hurt your partner, so as not to hold grudges against each other.
  Comparison is not always a good idea, never compare your relationship with another relationship. Comparing your partner with another slowly kills the relationship and you wouldn’t want that to happen.
Develop mutual respect for each other, in other to make the relationship work and succeed.
It is very important to respect each other ideas, opinions,  beliefs in every relationship. When you both have mutual respect for each other it will be much easier for the both of you to compromise in the relationship.
The above tips will surely help when working on your relationship, so go guys! and safe that relationship.

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