Heritage Bank unveils OCTIPLUS, the All-In-One App!

Heritage Bank unveils OCTIPLUS, the All-In-One App!

Heritage Bank has launched its digital banking proposition, OCTIPLUS. The

application is a bank-agnostic, all-in-one digital banking application, which grants

users access to a bouquet of financial, lifestyle and social networking features with

the convenience of converging card-based transactions within one application.

The transactional and lifestyle application stands out in the industry, with its Bank-

Agnostic capability and exposes users to a suite of exciting features that augments

the usual transactional features – bills payments, funds transfer and airtime

recharge. The app also guarantees access to relevant financial management tools

which facilitates an improved spend and savings culture.

The Digital Banking Platform promises an intelligent omni-channel experience that

will allow users enjoy seamless and borderless transactional experience across

multiple digital touch-points

OCTIPLUS offers swift access to personalized banking services from all payment

cards linked to the application, irrespective of the issuing Nigerian Bank. Join the

revolution today and experience convenience, convergence and the freedom to

consummate transactions without any hassle!

Who is the App for?

OCTIPLUS is built to address the needs of young adults, tech-savvy millennials and

young professionals. OCTIPLUS is not just an App, it is a lifestyle for the go-getter.

How to get started?

OCTIPLUS is available on the Google and iOS App Stores. Download the App today

and live the OCTIPLUS life.


OCTIPLUS…All your Bank Cards are welcome!


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