Gist In The Condo Introduces Creative Video and Talk Show Platform

Nigerian Online Talk Show is known for its uniqueness when it comes to talk shows to express oneself, entertain and educate the audience in real-life issues in society through online presence.

Gist In The Condo takes a different approach to present their content uniquely to their audience so that the audience would get the message clearly and understand it perfectly.

GistInTheCondo project is creating amazing content and presenting it in video form for the fans across the world to get excited and learn from.

Gist In The Condo’s Biggest Project Yet

Gist In The Condo has always been about the talk show industry. Gist In The Condo is even a multi-award-winning international brand when it comes to creativity and presentation. Being very involved in the African interest, always wanting to solve real-life issues by addressing them with the aim of providing solutions to them. Gist In The Condo wanted to create a platform where real-life problems could be shared worldwide and possible solutions would be provided. GistInTheCondo is an online video and talk show platform that is similar to Ellentube, CBS, and BKChat London alongside expertly curated ideas and original content.

Gist In The Condo is one of the leading creative Video and Talk Show platforms in Africa. It is not just another top talk show in the Game, it is also one of the biggest platforms in the world where you get to learn about possible solutions to real-life problems.


The Lifestyle of Smart (CEO)

Smart’s real name is Ekwem Chibuike Gabriel. He was born on June 1, 1993, in Imo State, Orlu Local Government, and Nigeria. Smart always took his education seriously, which is why he has been able to pave such an impressive career for himself. He completed his primary education at St. Peter’s primary school Umuna in Orlu local government and his secondary education at Concord International Secondary School, Aba Amator.

Wanting to learn as much as possible, Smart then enrolled in a well-renowned University called Philippine Christian University, to learn the fundamentals of becoming a successful entrepreneur. While on his educational journey, he realized he wouldn’t be happy unless he was working around great entertainment so he decided to enroll in Philippine Christian University in the Philippines. Smart pursued his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Philippine Christian University in the Philippines.

In 2020, he began his entrepreneurial journey and founded Gist In The Condo. Smart was able to utilize his skills in the business to make Gist In The Condo one of the leading creative video and talk shows. His work was even recognized as the Best Known Talk Show in Africa.

Want to learn more about GistInTheCondo? Here is the official Instagram account @gistinthecondo.

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